The Transgender Identity Crisis: How PC Agendas Will Harm The Young

The Transgender Identity Crisis: How PC Agendas Will Harm The Young

Primum non nocere. This means: “First do no harm” and is the mantra, if not the official slogan, of the American Medical Association and all its providers of care to the vulnerable, trusting American public. These trustees include the AMA (and related associations like the Osteopathic Associations), and all the physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dietitians, medical assistants, clinical researchers, psychologists and anyone and everyone else who lays a hand on a patient, instructs and advises a patient, or in any other way affects a patient and a patient’s decisions.

This “first do no harm” motto really should apply to all good citizens and caring human beings, but particularly to those in position to affect the care of particularly vulnerable people. To me, “entrusted” would also mean politicians and lawmakers, journalists, law enforcers, school teachers and administrators, pastors, preachers, rabbis, and priests of all religions. Pretty much everyone. And definitely parents. Yes, most definitely PARENTS. Parents–who must rely on the above-mentioned professions to make the right decisions for their kids. Particularly, the young children, the ones who can’t quite say “No!” yet and make it stick…The ones who really can’t–and should not–decide for themselves.

Specifically, this means the very young: infants, toddlers, preschoolers, first graders…some would say all kids up to the age of puberty. The little folk, once the sole wards of parents.

But there is a supposedly well-meaning urgent rush–a very strong, official, politically approved and enforced rush–to include the most vulnerable, malleable, controllable class or set of Americans in this frantic plan to rescue those in danger of this epidemic of transgender identity confusion.

This goes beyond the public restroom storm–pending legislation as to who can utilize what designated restroom in school, workplace, or store–and is targeting the very young in the schools and the pediatric and family medicine clinics.

Two examples of this:

In The Schools

The State of Washington public schools will begin, probably in 2017, teaching “Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” to schoolchildren beginning in Kindergarten. It seems gentle enough, at first, but progresses to indoctrination, with the “many ways to express gender” introduced to Kindergartners and progressing to 5th graders being encouraged to ask “trusted adults” about “gender identity and sexual orientation.”

In Medical Clinics

An article–deemed to be scientific, complete with references and the appropriate medical jargon–appeared in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. The article is entitled, “Caring For Transgender Patients.” The JAAPA–while featuring mid-level medical authors–is highly esteemed by the medical community and this article cited many references from physician authors and researchers, but also from left wing progressive organizations like the Center For American Progress. Unusual to see something like the CAP as a medical reference in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

This article, “Caring For Transgender Patients,” seemed rushed to me and had several conflicting assumptions–sometimes within the same sentences–but what concerns me (and you) are the poorly or unsupported suggestions (directives, really) that preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade -aged children should take part in this transgender identity crisis preemptive strike.

This, in the face of the fact that kids these ages barely recognize their own sexuality, let alone their genders. But parents must now be on high alert to the boy who, while barely able to walk or talk clearly, might utter the words “Me, girl!” (though anatomically, sexually, genetically, and by hormones a boy) and vice versa for the female child. Some bothersome statements from this medical article:

1. “Between 2% and 5% of the population is transgender.” (Really? High percentage. And what population? American? European? African? Eskimo?)

2. “A gender identity disorder diagnosis generally is made in children younger (emphasis is mine) than age 5 years when their gender behaviors differ from their biologic sex.” (You mean girls playing with toy trucks or a cap pistol? Or playing football?)

3. “A child born female may want short hair or refuse to wear girl’s clothing.”

4. “Hormone therapy may be given to delay puberty and give children a chance to figure out their identity…Cross-sex hormones can then be given to help children develop into the gender with which they identify.”

5. “Transgender patients are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, attempt suicide…and be homeless.”

Then, in the article there is a very helpful, very detailed list of major “transition surgeries” for both male and female patients–every aspect of offensive anatomy to be “corrected”–from facial, breast, and genitalia, to even voice.

Finally, a very detailed discussion on Wikipedia, complete with numerous scientific and medical references, points out that parental direction and encouragement plays a major role in helping–not forcing or abusively domineering–the young child to establish what I would label “sexual-gender parity.” Simply encouraging a child to wear clothing traditionally–in the American culture, at least–consistent with the child’s genetic, anatomical, and hormonal physiology makes a great impact in a healthy and, yes, desired, sexual-genetic parity.


To every potential and future parent–regardless of your sexual preference, gender identity, political persuasion, religious and spiritual beliefs–I would suggest you consider something the medical article and the school program do not emphasize: the negative aspect of not establishing a sexual-gender parity at an early age. That person who does not achieve gender sexual parity faces a horrific set of possible adverse outcomes: everything from major surgery to habitual substance abuse to suicidal ideations. It is not clear, because of the lack of long-term studies, that transgender identity crisis does not lead eventually to some, if not all, these bad outcomes and unhappiness despite major surgery and cultural acceptance.

In today’s cynical, jaded society, perhaps the government–in the face of rising medical costs–should at least consider early prevention of transsexual identity confusion as cost-effective. This is where the parents come in.

Howard F. Clarke

authorHoward F. Clarke is the author of several published books, medical articles, and a series of television/radio commentaries (written for a syndicated commentator). He is also an optioned screenwriter. His non-writing professional experience includes military service in both enlisted and commissioned officer status, a medical college faculty position as an Assistant Professor, and clinical duties as a Physician Assistant (since medically retired) in Family Medicine and Emergency Room Medicine. He now is devoted to writing.